Do you want to be a Post Office worker in Spain? This is the preparation you need!

Correos is the largest state company in Spain, it has a staff of more than 50,000 employees and more than 2,300 offices throughout Spain. This guarantees stable employment with possibilities of promotion within the company.

For a few years now, the calls have been presented annually, with the number of places called in the previous call being 7,757 places.

Which are the requirements?

The first thing we have to be clear about is that Correos offers the possibility of applying for different jobs, specifically:

Part 1 (motorized), full time.

Part 1 (motorized), part-time.

Cast 2 (foot), full time.

Cast 2 (foot), part-time.

Classification Agent, full time.

Classification Agent, part-time.

Classification Agent, part-time.

Customer Service, part-time.

This translates into: Classification, delivery and customer service agent. At the time of registration you will be able to choose all the options or those desired, in addition to the province where you will carry out your professional work.


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    The general requirements What applicants must meet to be able to participate in the Call are the following:

    • Have reached the legal hiring age provided for each job position.
    • Comply with contractual requirements in accordance with current legislation on work permits or any other legislation that replaces it.
    • Be in possession of the Compulsory Secondary Education title, School Graduate, official qualification that replaces it, or knowledge, experience and skills, acquired in the performance of their profession, equivalent to this qualification, in accordance with the provisions of the III Collective Agreement.
    • Not currently maintaining a permanent employment relationship at Correos.
    • Not having been separated from service, disqualified or dismissed disciplinaryly, by means of a final sentence or definitive resolution, for events that occurred within the Correos Group companies.
    • Not having had an terminated employment contract with Correos due to failure to pass the trial period in the performance of the position requested in the process.
    • Not having been negatively evaluated for the performance of the job at Correos requested in the process.
    • Not be disqualified from performing public functions by a final ruling.
    • Not suffer from illness or physical or mental limitations for the normal performance of the tasks and functions to be performed, according to the criteria of the company's medical services.
    • Comply with the legally and conventionally established requirements for the jobs offered in the call.

    In addition to these general requirements, the following is established specific requirement for the position of Cast 1 (motorized):

    • Have the permits to drive the motor vehicle used to perform the assigned position.

    The selection process of applicants will include the phases, tests and merit assessment. The call establishes two different tests depending on the selected job:

    • Test Cast/Rating Agent: Joint test for the jobs of Delivery 1 (motorized), Delivery 2 (on foot) and Sorting Agent.
    • Test Customer Service: test for Customer Service positions.

    Each of these tests consists of answering two exams (agent/classification and customer service) multiple choice exams of 100 questions, 10 of which will be psychotechnical questions. Important when answering the questions on the day of the exam: errors do not matter!

    Once this theoretical test has been passed, the merits of the applicant. As a general rule, the merits to be scored are: having a high school diploma, vocational training, university degree, type B driving license, languages, bag score, seniority in the Post Office and baremable courses (these may vary).

    The syllabus varies from year to year, with products and services updated, but with our training you will have these modifications at your disposal.

    TOPIC 1. Correos: postal regulatory framework and legal nature. National and international regulatory bodies. International postal organizations in which it participates or has links with Correos. Organization of the Correos Group. Correos and its adaptation to changes.

    TOPIC 2. Experience of people in the Post Office. Diversity, Inclusion and Equality. Risk prevention and well-being. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Axes of sustainability at Correos. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    TOPIC 3. Products and services: Communication. Correos and Correos Express parcel delivery. E-commerce and Citypaq services.

    TOPIC 4. Products and services: In Offices. Financial services. Digital Solutions. Philately

    TOPIC 5. New lines of business: Correos Logistics. Cold Post Office. Other businesses.

    TOPIC 6. Tools. Functions and usefulness.

    TOPIC 7. Operational processes I: Admission

    TOPIC 8. Operational processes II: Treatment and Transportation

    TOPIC 9. Operational processes III: Distribution and Delivery

    TOPIC 10. The client: Customer service and quality. Sales Protocols

    TOPIC 11. Internationalization and Customs.

    TOPIC 12. Compliance regulations: Data protection. Prevention of Money Laundering. Ethical commitment and transparency. Information Security and Cybersecurity.

    From OpoAcademy We offer you complete preparation for the theoretical exam. Our course consists of:

    • Recorded video classes with explanations of all topics.
    • Test by topics.
    • Complete tests.
    • Schemes.
    • Psychotechnics.
    • Topic updates
    • Email to ask questions, concerns or advice regarding the study.

    In addition, we will keep you informed of news, registrations, process dates, etc.

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    Correos is the largest state company in Spain, it has a staff of more than 50,000 employees and more than 2,300 offices throughout Spain. This guarantees stable employment with possibilities of promotion within the company.

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