Here you will find the steps to sign up for any of our courses, as well as questions about the operation of our campus, how to contact in case of an incident, etc.

We have created OpoAcademy to give our students adapted training. Here the student will be able to create his/her own study rhythm.

How do we make this possible?

We offer online training. You will be able to adapt the study to your pace of life.

What preparatory courses do we offer?

We have recently started this project with great enthusiasm so, OpoAcademy, will progressively offer more training. At the moment, we are preparing: exams for Gardian in the Extremadura Health Service, exams for Correos staff (Post Office in Spain) and the Spanish Constitution course. If you want to know more about these, click on the “Public Exams” tab. Also remember that if you have any questions you can contact us from the form on the home page or by sending an email to info@opoacademy.com.

Course of the Extremaduran Health Service Guardian:

How does the course preparation work?

With this course you will be able to complete your preparation for the part of the SES Guardian Public Exam phase. The course consists of two different parts: the common part and the specific part of the syllabus. In each of the parts you will find explanatory video classes on each topic, topic-based tests, complete tests, outlines and simulations for the exam. Therefore, we will have two blocks, block I consisting of common subjects according to the bases (legislation topics) and block II composed of specific subjects (guardian topics).

¿How much it cost the Health Service Guardian exam preparation course?

When registering you will have to select the desired block (block I for common subjects or block II for specific subjects). We offer it to you in this way so that the initial outlay is not so large, we know the great effort you make daily and this is a way to facilitate preparation.

Once you finish studying an entire block or when you think you are ready to increase the pace of study, you will have to enroll in the other preparation block, if you wish. It is not mandatory to go one by one, if you feel prepared to face the study of both blocks you can enroll in both.

The price of each block preparation is as follows:

  • Block I (Common subjects): €250.
  • Block II (Specific subjects): €450.

Post Office (Correos) Labor Personal Course:

What can I find in the Post Office Labor Personnel preparation course?

The course consists of 4 blocks. In each block you will find access to 3 topics. The content of each topic is made up of: its own downloadable syllabus, test of each topic, Powerpoint of the topic, recording with the explanation of the topic, diagrams and psychotechnical. You will be able to access as many times as necessary to view the explanation of the topic and perform the tests.

How much does the CORREOS Labor Personnel course training cost?

Each block has a value of €150. This way you won't have to spend a large amount of money at the beginning. You can continue with the following blocks once the first one is finished or choose more than one block from the beginning. In OpoAcademy, it is you who sets the pace of study.

Correos Tests Course:

How much does the Test Correos course cost?

The price of the course is 30 euros and you can access it for a period of 6 months.

Spanish Constitution Course:

How does the SPANISH CONSTITUTION course work?

The EC is a transversal issue that enters into most of the State, autonomous and local community competitions. With this course you will be able to prepare the Constitution at your own pace. It is designed for both beginners and advanced opponents as a review.

The course consists of recorded explanatory videos (introduction to CE, Preliminary Title and Titles I to X), random and complete tests and outlines.

How much does the SPANISH CONSTITUTION course training cost?

The Spanish Constitution training course has a value of €100.

What is the course contract period?

You will be able to access the course from the moment of registration up to a complete period of 12 months.

Common questions for all trainings:

How is payment made at OpoAcademy?

To access you will have to register on campus, click on the desired course and pay through Paypal. Once payment is accepted, you will receive an email with confirmation of registration and you will be able to access the course.

How long will the training be available?

You will have the chosen courses for 1 year from the date of enrollment (except indicated promotions).

What if I have any questions during my study?

You will have a contact email available with the teacher for any questions that arise during the study.

What if I have any incident in the use of the platform?

You can notify us of any incident related to access and use of the campus at soporte@opoacademy.com, we will be happy to help you as soon as possible.